Oops! Deleting a file that starts with - (dash) in Linux

On accident today I created a file named "-c".

Of course running the command rm -c will result in an "invalid option" error.

To remove include the current directory in the path with ./

My command looked like this: rm ./-c

Skype 4.3 Stopped Working On Linux

This is the story of how Skype died. Well not really, Skype is still alive it just died on my Linux workstation.

I run Ubuntu Linux on my primary workstations. A while back I installed Skype for free internet calls and chat. I installed it using my OS package manager not paying attention to which version it was. That is, until earlier this week it stopped working. As soon as I entered my username and password Skype would crash, no errors, the window would simply disappear.

International Space Station Pass

On the evening of Tuesday, September 26, 2017 we watched a really good pass of the International Space Station (ISS) as it passed over Newburgh, Indiana.

I recorded this live on Facebook so you will hear me interacting with live viewers and my children who were watching it with me.

AWS Now Has IPv6 for EC2

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) rolled out their Ohio data center they included support for IPv6. Unsure how long it would take them to roll them to other data centers I was getting ready to move my servers to Ohio so I could have IPv6. However this week I logged into my AWS console and noticed that IPv6 is now available in Virginia where most of my servers are.

I was able to quickly and easily add an IPv6 CIDR allocation to my VPC, assign them to my subnets and deploy them to my servers.

Watch A Hurricane Live

Thanks to the power of the Internetz we can now watch Hurricane Matthew from this live cam near Ft. Lauderdale.

Live Cam Link


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