Ubuntu 14.04 Forgetting Display Position


After updating my primary desktop computer to Ubuntu 14.04 I had a strange issue begin to occur. Every time I would log out of my Gnome 3 session and log back in, my display positions for my multiple monitors would reset to a default position.

My display configuration should look like this:

However after a reboot it looks like this:

Normally the monitor/display configuration is stored in ~/.config/monitors.xml and even after a reboot this configuration file appears to be correct.

What Is Causing The Problem

It appears that the Gnome Settings Daemon is bypassing or overriding my configuration in my monitors.xml file.


Killing the gnome-settings-daemon seems to allow my settings to load from my monitors.xml file properly. After that the gnome-settings-daemon starts right back up and seems to properly manage the other items it is responsible for.

I added this command to my "Startup Applications" and now my monitor display positions save properly.

pkill -9 -f gnome-settings-daemon