Skype 4.3 Stopped Working On Linux

This is the story of how Skype died. Well not really, Skype is still alive it just died on my Linux workstation.

I run Ubuntu Linux on my primary workstations. A while back I installed Skype for free internet calls and chat. I installed it using my OS package manager not paying attention to which version it was. That is, until earlier this week it stopped working. As soon as I entered my username and password Skype would crash, no errors, the window would simply disappear.

I had the same issue occur on another workstation as well. So the first thing I did was to see if there was a new version I could manually install. And there was. I was using 4.3 while the rest of the world had moved on to version 8.

Here is what I did to accomplish the upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04.

Download latest version: Make sure you pick the correct one for your OS.

Use command line to:

First remove the old package manager version
apt-get purge skype

Locate the file you downloaded and run:
sudo dpkg -i skypeforlinux-64.deb

After version was installed I was able to successfully log in.

Apparently earlier this week Microsoft disabled support for the older version. Just a reminder that if you use Linux your package manager may not be supplying you with the latest version, especially if it is a Microsoft product.