Weather Time-Lapse from March 31, 2016.

On Thursday, March 31, 2016 a cold front moved through the area brining rain, wind, and a little thunder. Watch the video later in the afternoon starting around 4:30 PM to see the final line of storms building in the distance over Central Illinois.

On another note, while working out at the YMCA early in the morning on the 31st I looked up at a TV and saw my webcam live on channel 44 WEVV news. Cool!

Something Each Day

I recently heard someone say that everyone should have a blog and every day should contribute something. In doing so my goal is to improve my written communication, share ideas and dreams, and maybe provide information on something that I was able to overcome that may be a help to someone else.

These post may not be long but my goal is to continually make a contribution, and to continually improve my writing and ability to communicate effectively.

Take 10

Take 10 minutes that is. I've started trying something new lately. Whenever I feel the urge to impulse something, grabbing another donut from the break room, my 15th cup of coffee, or buying something not on the list at the grocery store, I will set my countdown timer for 10 minutes on my watch.

When the time expires I have found that my urge to get something I don't need will generally subside. However if I really do need it, the urge will still be there. This gives my brain take a moment and gain some clarity through excitement fog generated by the urge to impulse.

Windows Terminal Services Manager Shortcut

If you have ever had to take over management of a Windows server and the previous admin thought it would be "good security" to remove all the icons under the Administrative Tools in Control Panel you can find yourself in a frustrating search to rebuild the icons for those shortcuts.

If you are in a similar situation and need the link for the Windows Terminal Services Manager shortcut, here it is:

I'm Weird

… and I know it! Some people have been bold enough to say this to my face and believe it or not it doesn't bother me a bit. I've always been weird all my life, doing things differently, finding new ways to do things, and of course my favorite finding something that works so I can break it to make it better. I've found that the times people call me weird, I'm probably doing my best work.

There was a period in my life when I know I didn't do my best work. I wasn't being weird. I was trying to conform to a standard that was not me. I produced average work.


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