AWS Now Has IPv6 for EC2

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) rolled out their Ohio data center they included support for IPv6. Unsure how long it would take them to roll them to other data centers I was getting ready to move my servers to Ohio so I could have IPv6. However this week I logged into my AWS console and noticed that IPv6 is now available in Virginia where most of my servers are.

I was able to quickly and easily add an IPv6 CIDR allocation to my VPC, assign them to my subnets and deploy them to my servers.

Watch A Hurricane Live

Thanks to the power of the Internetz we can now watch Hurricane Matthew from this live cam near Ft. Lauderdale.

Live Cam Link

Weather Time-Lapse from March 31, 2016.

On Thursday, March 31, 2016 a cold front moved through the area brining rain, wind, and a little thunder. Watch the video later in the afternoon starting around 4:30 PM to see the final line of storms building in the distance over Central Illinois.

On another note, while working out at the YMCA early in the morning on the 31st I looked up at a TV and saw my webcam live on channel 44 WEVV news. Cool!

Something Each Day

I recently heard someone say that everyone should have a blog and every day should contribute something. In doing so my goal is to improve my written communication, share ideas and dreams, and maybe provide information on something that I was able to overcome that may be a help to someone else.

These post may not be long but my goal is to continually make a contribution, and to continually improve my writing and ability to communicate effectively.

Take 10

Take 10 minutes that is. I've started trying something new lately. Whenever I feel the urge to impulse something, grabbing another donut from the break room, my 15th cup of coffee, or buying something not on the list at the grocery store, I will set my countdown timer for 10 minutes on my watch.

When the time expires I have found that my urge to get something I don't need will generally subside. However if I really do need it, the urge will still be there. This gives my brain take a moment and gain some clarity through excitement fog generated by the urge to impulse.


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