Understanding The Problem

One of the most important and many times the hardest part about engineering technology is finding out exactly what the user wants. I'm surprised at the number of software developers who bypass this very important step. Yes, the user said they did want X and you gave them X. However the user also failed to mention that they wanted Y and Z as well. Now the project is delayed and of course its always the software developer's fault.

Quick Tip: Allocating Memory in php.ini

When setting your PHP memory limit setting in your php.ini file, pay attention to how you specify kilobytes and megabytes. As you see in the comments above the actual setting in the php.ini file, they use MB giving you the false sense that your setting should be the same way. This is wrong. To properly specify MB or KB it should simply be an M or a K after the number.

Have a Happy (Disney) New Year!

It's a New Year's tradition in our house (if I can stay up that late) to watch the ball drop in Times Square in New York City. However last night, Disney streamed their New Year's celebration on-line live from the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Florida. The video of this celebration is at the bottom of this article, however here are a few reasons why I'll be watching Disney next year instead of NBC.

Ubuntu 14.04 Forgetting Display Position


After updating my primary desktop computer to Ubuntu 14.04 I had a strange issue begin to occur. Every time I would log out of my Gnome 3 session and log back in, my display positions for my multiple monitors would reset to a default position.

My display configuration should look like this:

However after a reboot it looks like this:

Time-Lapse Videos of the Gulf of Mexico

These images were captured with my Pi-Cam then combined to form a time lapse of the ocean and sky each day of our vacation. One of my favorite things is to watch thunderstorms develop and disapate, for the impatient, we have time-lapse.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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