Facebook's Messenger App is Optional

Facebook has recently cut the cord on being able to chat through its Android app (maybe iOS as well) forcing users to install and use their new messenger application. If you are like me and have found this new app to be bulky and slows your phone down there is an alternative!

Multiple SSL Websites Using One IP

On August 1, 2014 I setup a SSL certificate for my personal website - johnathonwilliams.me. In the past it was necessary to have a dedicated IP address for every site with an SSL certificate on your server. However with Apache2 this is no longer the case.

A Learner is not a Failure

Recently I have gone through a lot of life changes in many areas of my life. Through these changes, I have been told (either directly or an indirect jab on social media) that I'm a failure, I've back-slidden, "I tumbled down a cliff", "I'm a danger-zone, stay away from him!", my favorite is "he's polluted". You can call me a failure, however I would prefer the term - learner.

Vacation Training

Yes, you read that correctly, Vacation Training! We officially began training today for our 2014 vacation. What began as a joke as we prepared for our trip to Disney World last year, has turned into a great idea that we will most likely use to prepare for every family vacation.

MySQL Database Name with a Dash

MySQL will let you use many characters for a table name. Generally I will stick to the standard characters ([0-9,a-z,A-Z$_]), however every once in a while I will have to work with a database that someone else designed. Today I needed to do a quick query to pull information from a table in another database. I've done this many times with the database.table notation, however a table name with a dash (-) threw me off today.


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