MySQL Database Name with a Dash

MySQL will let you use many characters for a table name. Generally I will stick to the standard characters ([0-9,a-z,A-Z$_]), however every once in a while I will have to work with a database that someone else designed. Today I needed to do a quick query to pull information from a table in another database. I've done this many times with the database.table notation, however a table name with a dash (-) threw me off today.

Rigged Achievement

The feeling we get when we accomplish something is a great feeling. Accomplishing something to win a prize is even greater, and accomplishing something but loosing fairly can even provide a greater learning experience to come back and do it better the next time. However when a contest is rigged and someone who put very little effort into their work wins, when you gave your all, is unfair. I see this happen quite frequently especially in contest involving our children.


It looks like Snowmageddon 2014 didn't happen for the immediate Evansville area. The storm system took a turn to the north and dumped nearly a foot of snow in places north of here.

The picture was taken from my SnowCam shortly before 5:00 PM this afternoon. As you can see we barely have a thin blanket of snow.

My goal was to have snapshots of the snow piling up taken once a minute that I could morph into a time-lapse video. That was a fail this time.

Goodbye 2013

Panoramic sunset at Evansville Riverfront

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped along the Evansville riverfront to capture some pictures and video of the last sunset of 2013.

When Numbers Lie

This morning while returning home from shopping I thought I would bring my wife home a surprise of her favorite sweet tea from a well known fast food restaurant. When approaching the restaurant I noticed a line of cars backed up a block in each direction attempting to get into the line for the drive-thru. However there was only one car at a time making it past the order taker and to the payment and pickup window. I thought I would outsmart the system by just parking and going inside.


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