Happy 4th of July!

A special Public Service Announcement for your 4th! Have a safe day!

Celebrate Your Freedom!

Dead Mailman?!?!

The new Google Streetview images have been released for our area. Someone contacted me today on Facebook and told me there was a dead mailman in front of our house on Google.

I Made The Google!

Last spring, while sitting in my office looking out the window, I noticed the Google Streets car coming down the street (its hard to miss). I couldn't resist the urge to run outside and wave at it. They cut off the image of me waving, but I still made the Google!

You can view the actual image on Google Maps. Click on the following link and go to street view.

Using Folders (Directories)

Recently I was called to investigate the report of a slow computer. After doing a few test, I found the system to be rather snappy and seemed normal. However, they had me open their My Documents folder. Then, it happened, the eternal waving flashlight of death. My customer responded "there, see look how slow that is". It literally took several minutes for the for the My Documents folder to load.

Sage eMedware Scheduler Off Screen

There are good ways to build software, and there are bad ways to build software. The practice management software eMedware from Sage Healthcare software is a good example of how not to build software.

They have left out basic provisions such as scroll bars to allow you to catch a window that may have strayed outside your work-space by an accidental mouse movement.


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