Oops! Deleting a file that starts with - (dash) in Linux

On accident today I created a file named "-c".

Of course running the command rm -c will result in an "invalid option" error.

To remove include the current directory in the path with ./

My command looked like this: rm ./-c

Skype 4.3 Stopped Working On Linux

This is the story of how Skype died. Well not really, Skype is still alive it just died on my Linux workstation.

I run Ubuntu Linux on my primary workstations. A while back I installed Skype for free internet calls and chat. I installed it using my OS package manager not paying attention to which version it was. That is, until earlier this week it stopped working. As soon as I entered my username and password Skype would crash, no errors, the window would simply disappear.

Quick Tip: Allocating Memory in php.ini

When setting your PHP memory limit setting in your php.ini file, pay attention to how you specify kilobytes and megabytes. As you see in the comments above the actual setting in the php.ini file, they use MB giving you the false sense that your setting should be the same way. This is wrong. To properly specify MB or KB it should simply be an M or a K after the number.

Asterisk Fun with Linux Kernel Update

I love open source software. There are sometimes though when it will drive me crazy.

One of those crazy days was today! While doing what seemed to be an innocent aptitude update on an Ubuntu server running Asterisk, upon reboot I realized that the linux kernel was updated (which usually isn't too big of a deal). However when Asterisk started, I noticed Dahdi was not loading, and that's bad! The Asterisk server can run without it but there are some parts that break without Dahdi, such as MeetMe conferences, hardware TDM cards, etc.

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