Weather Time-Lapse from March 31, 2016.

On Thursday, March 31, 2016 a cold front moved through the area brining rain, wind, and a little thunder. Watch the video later in the afternoon starting around 4:30 PM to see the final line of storms building in the distance over Central Illinois.

On another note, while working out at the YMCA early in the morning on the 31st I looked up at a TV and saw my webcam live on channel 44 WEVV news. Cool!


It looks like Snowmageddon 2014 didn't happen for the immediate Evansville area. The storm system took a turn to the north and dumped nearly a foot of snow in places north of here.

The picture was taken from my SnowCam shortly before 5:00 PM this afternoon. As you can see we barely have a thin blanket of snow.

My goal was to have snapshots of the snow piling up taken once a minute that I could morph into a time-lapse video. That was a fail this time.

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