AWS Now Has IPv6 for EC2

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) rolled out their Ohio data center they included support for IPv6. Unsure how long it would take them to roll them to other data centers I was getting ready to move my servers to Ohio so I could have IPv6. However this week I logged into my AWS console and noticed that IPv6 is now available in Virginia where most of my servers are.

I was able to quickly and easily add an IPv6 CIDR allocation to my VPC, assign them to my subnets and deploy them to my servers.

With our supply of IPv4 addresses running low IPv6 is a necessary step. Many web service providers have already adopted IPv6. The hangup is occurring at the end user where many residential Internet Service Providers (ISP) still have not deployed it to their customer. Even worse many home level routers do not support IPv6. There are several ways you can get IPv6 support if your provider does not have it yet, but we will save that for another article.

This is an article of celebration! Bring on the IPs!