President Trump Arriving Today

President Donald Trump will arrive at in Evansville, IN sometime this afternoon (Thursday, August 30,2018). I do not know the exact time but we will be monitoring air traffic radio to know when it arrives. When it does I plan on live streaming it on my YouTube channel at:

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Update: 12:29 PM
I found a site that shows the President's Schedule:
All Times Evansville/Central

  • 3:20 PM - President departs White House
  • 3:30 PM - President arrives at Join Base Andrews
  • 3:40 PM - President departs DC
  • 5:15 PM - President arrives at Evansville
  • 5:25 PM - President departs Evansville Airport for Old National Events Plaza
  • 5:35 PM - President arrives at ONB Events Plaza (Wow! 10 minutes, I wish I could get downtown that quick!)
  • 5:40 PM - President roundtable with supporters
  • 6:40 PM - Joint Fundraiser Committee Receiption
  • 7:20 PM - President arrives at Ford Center
  • 8:30 PM - President departs Ford Center
  • 8:40 PM - President arrives at Evansville Airport
  • 8:50 PM - President departs Evansville

    Temporary Flight Restrictions

    There will be a TFR in effect for an area covering up to 32 miles surrounding Evansville this evening:
    Starting: 8/30/2018 4:15 PM CDT
    Ending: 8/30/2018 9:15 PM CDT